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How to renew your Texas Medical marijuana card

Medical marijuana patients in Texas are required by law to renew their cards every year. So, how do you go about renewing your card? We’ll go over everything you need to do before your medical marijuana card expires in this article.

When Can You Begin Renewing My Texas Marijuana Card?

Patients will be able to renew their register cards 90 days before their expiration date, according to the Texas Board of Pharmacy. Patients will receive email reminders from the state 45 days, 15 days, and 1 day before their registration expiration date if they have not already renewed their card.

Do You Need To See A Doctor Again To Renew My Texas Marijuana Card?

Yes. To renew their card, individuals must make an appointment and meet with a licensed physician once a year. Patients will meet with the doctor to discuss their qualifying illness and review any medical records available, similar to their original meeting before acquiring their medical marijuana card update. Unless the doctor specifies otherwise, patients can use the same medical records they had at their original evaluation. If a patient’s disease is treatable, they may be required to show that their diagnosis is still active and produce extra proof. However, if the medical records from the prior year are still current and accurate, patients can usually use them.

Do I Need To Submit Another Application To The State To Renew My Card?

Patients must log in to their Texas Medical Marijuana Registry account to activate their renewal after meeting with the doctor and obtaining a newly written recommendation.

 medical marijuana card

Patients will sign into their account and pick the ‘Renew Card’ button, then follow the instructions. To complete the renewal, a $50 registration fee is necessary. Patients will be routed to their profile after paying the cost, where they will find a new I.D. card with a new expiration date.

How Do I Renew My Status As a Medical Marijuana Caregiver?

The caregiver’s designated patient just needs to inform their doctor that they want to extend the caregiver’s status, and the physician will approve it. Similar to the patient renewal process, caregivers will need to log in to their Texas Medical Marijuana Registry account, select ‘Renew Card’ and also pay the required state fee.

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